2019 New Year, New Goals!

I have been dabbling with the idea of starting a blog for several years now. It was a goal. So I researched a little about it on the internet and there were so many options and with that, so many fears: What platform is best? Do I use a paid or free host? How will I design it? What if no one reads it? What if I can’t think of what to write? The list went on and on. So, my goal sat there unaccomplished and yep, I felt like a failure.

Enter last school term – Social Media & Marketing Communications (MKT-265). One of my assignments was to create and maintain for the duration of the class, a blog! What? I had parameters. I could use WordPress or Blogger. That decision was all of a sudden much narrower. I made it. WordPress. My class gave me the first few topics and suddenly I found I did have something to write about. And maybe, just maybe, I will build some followers. I know that takes time and persistence and patience and effort, but here I am. The class is over and I am continuing to blog. I have a list of blog ideas I am going to research and work on. I am happy I have finally accomplished one goal. So it got me thinking. What are my other goals that I really want to accomplish, but are too afraid and overwhelmed to try? What do I really want to change? What do I really want to try. This year I’m going to pick a few. I’m going to write them down. I’m also going to reflect on what I did accomplish last year.

I got A’s in every class last year

I continued to practice lettering, iPad lettering and watercolor. (My passions)

I started my Etsy shop

I started my blog!

2019 GOALS:

Now comes the hard part. To use the old cliche: This is where the rubber meets the road. In the coming days, I plan to actually make a plan. I am going to write out my action steps to help me accomplish these goals as the year progresses so I don’t lost sight, lose steam, lose. I don’t want to fail – again. 2019’s word is for me is going to be GOALS.

I want my goals to be front and center in my mind. No excuses. No fear.

Lettering on iPad Pro

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