March Freebies!

Hello Sunshine!!

March is almost upon us! While January seemed to linger forever, February is flying by!

March is such a lovely month. It begins the transition from winter to spring. I start dreaming of the beach– the white sand, warm water, ocean breezes, and of course, sunshine! However, living in Florida, we always have sunshine! 🙂

As I started thinking of what I wanted to do for wallpapers for the month of March, I decided to focus on the four leaf clover. It’s a rare form of the three leaf clover. If you want to find out more about the four leaf clover you can read about it from Wikipedia here.

Another important symbol of March is St. Patrick. He really has such a great story and as an article says in Baltimore Magazine, the real story is even better than the myths! You can read that article here.

March is a month where we can celebrate all thing Irish!!

So let’s celebrate the month of March and all the lovely changes it brings!

I have created two desktop wallpapers for you– one with dates and one without dates. I have also created two phone wallpapers.

Just download the images below, save them in your photos and use your wallpaper settings to save it as your iPhone wallpaper or your desktop wallpaper for the month of March!


xoxo Jen

The Fine Print: These backgrounds are absolutely free for you to use for your own personal use. Please do not print and resell or claim the designs as your own.

I appreciate you supporting and reading my blog and I will try to have as many of these Free printables and downloads for you to enjoy. If you like these, please share on social media and tag me on Instagram @sunshine.designs.byjen #sunshinedesignsbyjen

Download the wallpapers below:

Download desktop wallpaper with dates here.

Download desktop wallpaper without dates here.

Download phone wallpaper 1 here.

Download phone wallpaper 2 here.


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