The menu is designed by taking modern, sophisticated boxes and creating an entire menu with the theme. The logo is placed prominently on the front of the menu in the top right corner. In the top left corner is a Chinese mark in low opacity to draw the eye, but yet the darkness of the logo will move the eye across the menu. The boxes are used to separate and place items in hierarchy to each other. It is a very modern, yet elegant design that helps move the eye around the page.

The background is left a crisp white so that the Chinese marks, menu items, and logo stand out in high contrast to the background. This high contrast is very elegant, clean, and refined and appeals to a high-end clientele. The menu continues the Chinese marks in low and high opacity to emphasize the brand heritage as well as give visual appeal and style. They ensure cohesiveness and continuity between the pieces and are strategically placed so as to draw the eye to move around the page.

Table Tent

The next piece for the Town print design project was the table tent. This piece was designed to showcase their food as well as as basic information about Town. It is meant to be placed on the tables for customers to view.


The brochure is the final piece created for the brand. It focuses on the catering/event section of the restaurant. TOWN wants to create a dining experience for all of its customers and can accomplish this by catering events whether dining in or at a separate location. The brochure is consistent with the style created in the table tent and menu. It uses the same crisp, white background in contrast to the bold colors from the brand style guide. It also uses the Chinese marks in low and high opacity to keep consistent with the other pieces. 

Again, beautiful photos of the food are used to show the diversity and quality that TOWN offers its customers. The chef is also highlighted to appeal to a high-end clientele who want quality and luxury for their events. 

As in the table tent, a small section of boxes is used in the brochure to keep the pieces cohesive. The logo is placed on panels throughout the brochure to help create brand identity in the memory of the customers. 

The tagline is continued from table tent in order to ensure cohesive brand recognition and emphasize the mission and vision of the restaurant. 


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