Let’s Get Social

We all know there are many social media platforms that help us connect with each other, build relationships and interact. These platforms have changed marketing forever. However, they are not all the same and they do not reach the same target audience.

Today I want to focus on Instagram. It’s by far, my favorite of the social media platforms. That’s probably because I use my public account for posting my lettering and design work, which of course, is very visual. I want others to view my work and I want to view others’ work as well. And Instagram is a completely visual platform.

Instagram has a very large community of letterers and designers. In fact, “68% of people come to Instagram to interact with creators.” (https://www.omnicoreagency.com/instagram-statistics/) As a designer and hand letterer, my feed is very focused on that content. Many of the ads I see on Instagram are related to design or lettering in some way. There are, of course, other types of ads I see as I scroll through my feed. For example, I use planners and hair products, so many times I see those types of ads that are primarily targeting women. I also see promoted ads by people I follow that sell tools for lettering or design. I have clicked on those ads and ultimately purchased the item they were selling. It doesn’t happen often, but when I feel it will help me improve my lettering or design work, I have purchased the product. I have seen ads for lighting equipment to help my instagram photos look better, brushes for the Procreate app, classes for lettering and/or art using the iPad Pro or other mediums and many more.

Knowing what audience uses Instagram is very important. 52% of Instagram users are women and 42% are male. There are over 700 million users worldwide so its reach can potentially be very large. Of course the flip side of that is that there are many, many others marketing to others as well. So the question is, how do you get noticed? How do you put your work, service, product out there and get others to even see it? 31% of internet users between the ages of 18 and 24 use Instagram and 32% of internet users between the ages of 25 and 34 use Instagram. (https://www.omnicoreagency.com/instagram-statistics/)

Social media is a great tool, I would say necessary tool for marketing today. People want to feel connected to the brands they use. Instagram is a fabulous choice for anything that is very visual. Doing research and knowing your target audience and which platforms they are on is extremely important!

(Marketing – 355 blog post 1)

Aslam, S. (2019, September 6). Instagram by the Numbers: Stats, Demographics & Fun Facts. Retrieved October 29, 2019, from https://www.omnicoreagency.com/instagram-statistics/.


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