2018 Book Roundup

Do you have a yearly book reading goal? I have always stayed away from giving myself an arbitrary number to try to reach for the year. Many readers read over 100 books in a year! I don’t aim for that for two reasons: 1. I am not a speed reader. I like to savor my books. 2. I have soooo many other responsibilities that there is no way I could do that! Plus,  I tend to think I will feel too much like a failure if I don’t meet the goal and then it would become a burden or chore. But I do roughly think one book a month is a good target for me to reach. If I can read more – great! If not, no big deal.

Being a member of the Book of the Month club means I get to read a lot of interesting and wonderful books in a year. Again,  this is on top of school, and work, and family time, and life etc. Therefore, my “would like to read” list is way more than my “actually have time to read” list. If you are an avid reader, you know how that TBR pile can stand quite tall! In fact, I have 19 current TBR books and 5 NTF (need to finish) books. Do you have a NTF list? These are books that have been started, put down for whatever reason, but fully intend to go back and finish.  But I digress.

My “books read” list is modest at best. I managed to read 16 books – should be 17 because I am in one now that I plan to finish before the year is up. See current read below:


Book of the Month gives me the opportunity to read books I might have never picked for myself. I eagerly await the first of the month so I can look at the 5 books BOTM picked to choose from.  It’s like Christmas once a month! If you would like to join the Book of the Month club you can click my refer a friend link below: (I will get a credit for each person who joins using this link)

Book of the Month

or click here to go to my facebook page for the link.

Out of the 16 (almost 17) books I read this past year one book truly stands out from the crowd: The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

20118 books read

My 2018 “Read” pile

This is a coming of age tale in a very turbulent time in history: 1974. Leni’s dad, Ernt, is a former POW of the Vietnam War. The war forever changed him and Leni and her mother Cora are forced to deal with his always changing demeanor. Ernt makes an impulsive decision to move off the grid by uprooting the family to the wild Alaskan wilderness with the hope that a new place will translate to a new and improved life. The Great Alone shows us love and loss, courage and cowardice. I laughed, I cried, and sometimes I stared in horror, but through it all I kept the faith that this broken girl would survive and be stronger for it. I was completely swept away by Leni and her story. Her Alaska.

What great books did you read in 2018? Comment below and let me know. I would love to hear about your favorites!



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